VVikas Agarwal Director of Ark Primary Advisors Pvt Ltd, heads the FundSketch & Investment Division of Ark.  After completing his MBA (Finance) he joined exciting world of asset management. Vikas is extremely passionate about investment management, especially mutual funds. He has cleared Investment Advisor Level 1 exam. He is keen learner – you can find him hopping from one investment conference to the other & challenging the conventional wisdom of industry.

Vikas & Hemant Partnership

Vikas and Hemant Beniwal have known each other for more than a decade. Both of them had overlapping stints at an asset management company. The acquaintance led to mutual respect and to a business partnership in a few years. While Vikas stayed on in the job proving his mettle and taking the organization to new heights, Hemant had started his journey as an entrepreneur. In 2009 Hemant started his independent financial planning practice under the name Ark & TFL Blog – in a couple of years he invited Vikas to join Ark as Director.

Vikas & Hemant are quite different in their personalities. Hemant is serious and an introvert, while Vikas is an extreme extrovert & fun loving. Hemant loves to spend time reading, writing and doing research, Vikas directs his energy in talking to people & networking. Even politically their views are diametrically opposite but one thing stays, that both of them strongly believe in power of democracy. On a lighter vein, they are known as the Jai & Veeru of Sholay within the financial industry! Though their personalities are different they complement each other and bring balance in their relationship & synergy in their work. One thing they staunchly believe is in building a process & policy driven organization. They both believe in importance of setting GOALS – that is base of Ark.

Hemant Beniwal & Vikas Agarwal

XXL Family – Goa Trip Feb 2015

How FundSketch was born?

In early 2013 Hemant was busy in meeting deadlines of his first book with CNBC “Financial Life Planning” & later he had to face a grave family crisis that shook him to the core. Vikas had to take over the complete responsibility of Ark during that fragile phase. It was then that he conceptualized the idea of lighter version of Financial Planning. This light version would not be as detailed as the comprehensive plan prepared by Ark, but still more detailed than most of other financial planners delivered.  The service was launched as FundSketch. Success of FundSketch is visible in testimonials that we receive from our clients – their success is our success.

FundSketch Name

Hemant is a big fan of US based Financial Planners’ coach Nick Murray – the name ‘ARK’ was an inspiration from one of his books. Vikas’s favorite author is Carl Richards, who creates simple SKETCHES to explain complex personal finance concepts. As they say “Never invest in any idea you cannot illustrate with a crayon”. So the name FundSketch was born which aims to create a SKETCH that you can fully understand & follow to achieve your goals.

FundSketch Goal

Carl Richards Sketch

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