How prepared are you for your retirement?

People that are retiring now are revolutionizing retirement – there is no pension, there is no social security, complex financial products, no joint families, lifestyle diseases, longer life, shorter career…. Plus so many things they do, this & next generation will be experiencing retirement in a whole new way. Survival is tough but it’s not just about Survival…


Let’s look at the phases of financial preparation we need for Retirement:

Survival Money

Survival Money is money that we have to have to make ends meet. How much do you need simply to survive each month? Rs 50,000? Rs 1,00,000? If you stripped away the frills and thrills and just paid the bills of survival, what would it cost? The majority of people have never taken the time to answer this most basic financial question: what is the cost of survival? The money needed to pay for your basic necessities is your survival income.

Safety Money

Safety Money is money we must have to meet life’s unexpected turns. What if everything doesn’t work out as you hoped and imagined it would? In life, the one thing we can predict with great assurance is that things will rarely go exactly as planned. We are surrounded by risks—physical, familial, financial, circumstantial, and relational. Financial risks exist in every category of our lives.

A leading risk in the minds of those individuals approaching retirement is the risk of outliving their money.

Freedom Money

Freedom Money is money to do all of the things that bring enjoyment and fulfillment to life. What is the exact cost of the activities and indulgences that bring pleasure and relaxation into your life? Some people engage in low-cost relaxation activities (like walking), and others engage in high-priced activities (like walking after a golf ball). Travel, adventure, and personal growth/education are also some of the considerations to include when calculating the amount needed to fund your freedom.

Gift Money

Gift Money is money for the people and causes that we care deeply about. As we move up on pyramid—securing our survival, safety, and freedom—our money can be utilized for helping those people and causes we care deeply about.

Dream Money

Dream Money is money for the things we’ve always dreamed of being, doing, and having. What do you want to be? What do you want to do? What do you want to have? The cost of self-actualization is the TIME & MONEY it takes to do the things that bring meaning into our lives.

Begin to view your income not as just a way to pay the bills but as a means to funding a life—the life you want.

For Whom?

FUNretire can be helpful for people who are already retired or planning to retire (assuming kids are in college & all other basic goals are achieved) in next 5-10 years. NRIs should check Wise NRI .

FUNretire Fees:

  • Initial Planning Fee – Rs 5000/-
  • Portfolio Setup & First Year Monitoring – FREE (limited period offer)
  • Second Year Onward (for plan review & monitoring) – Rs 250/- per month


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