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Happy New Financial Life to You – GIFT

Happy New Financial Life to You – GIFT

You have always wanted a straightforward and untangled financial life, but have missed it due to a number of reasons. Here is an Opportunity. If you want to dive right into 2017 and set up or tune up your financial life, then you’ll want to take advantage of this opportunity…

The New Year is the perfect time to unfold new horizons and realizing all dreams. Rediscover the strength and courage that lies within you and move forward with financial strength. The beginning of the year is a great time to sit down and evaluate your financial life & make a correction if required.

Happy New Financial Life

Khul Ja Sim Sim…..

We are here to help you with our 2 limited period offer – valid till 15th Jan 2017

A. Mutual Fund X-Ray Report with 3-5 Observations/Suggestions – F R E E

We keep getting a lot of queries on our blogs & emails regarding our views on your portfolio. Most of the time we have to ignore or say sorry – because it’s time-consuming to review a portfolio or the information provided is very limited.

Mutual Funds are the most versatile of investments that have emerged in last decade. Backed by the regulators, transparent framework and above all, the MFs offer a wide range of products which suit varied needs, goals, risk tolerance, and horizons. The assets have now crossed 16 lakhs crores, 5 crores folios, more than 40 companies means, the New Indian Investors have accepted Mutual Funds as a mainstream product to plan their investments.

That’s why we decided to bring this Once in LIFETIME Offer (we are 110% sure that in future we will not bring this back) – to help our followers & readers. You have ZERO RISK to try this – You are going to Love It.


*You will share Latest CAS (Consolidated Account Statement of all Mutual Funds) that you can download in PDF from CAMS website (Select Option – Summary, Folio Listing–without zero balance Folios) you can use this link – it won’t take more than 1 Minute. Use this link

*Mail CAS to [email protected] – also share password of the PDF file (the temporary password that you will add while downloading CAS) + your age, profession & income to get some basic idea about you.

*We will create a Detailed Mutual Fund X-Ray Report of 18-20 pages (Check SAMPLE Report) – that will give you a clear idea about the health of your current portfolio.

*We will also add our Observations/Suggestions & mail it to you.


#Our observations & suggestions should not be considered as complete advice – you should own responsibility if you will act on them.

#We will only work if we will receive CAS – excel sheet or any other format will not be entertained.

#Only one portfolio per individual will be accepted.

Note: We don’t have a separate service for Mutual Fund advice (it’s part of our existing Financial Planning or FundSketch service). Offer here is one time & will not be available in future. If you want, use this as a second opinion for existing portfolio.

B. FundSketch – Goal Planning Service for Flat Rs 6000 (35% OFF)

Everyone knows that planning for GOALS is essential for Financial Success BUT taking that First Step is always the toughest job. This offer may help you to take that one most important step of your financial life…

FUNDSKETCH – As they say “Never invest in any idea you cannot illustrate with a crayon”. Therefore, in FundSketch we will draw a SKETCH that you can fully understand & follow. It covers:

  • Setting & Prioritizing Goals
  • Risk Analysis using Finametrica took for Asset Allocation
  • Investment review & suggestions
  • Retirement analysis & projections
  • Goal Achievement Action Plan

For more details, you can check these links – Service —- See what our clients have to say!

BONUS! If you avail FundSketch offer you will also get OUR Priceless “Financial Life Planning” Book – which is normally available for Rs 500 on Flipkart – Amazon & other stores.

Start 2017 right away – make the changes you need to check if you are on track, improve your financial life and ACHIEVE your Goals. You can also share this with your friends as New Year Gift 🙂

Take charge of your 2017, 2018-2099!

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