Parag Parikh’s Top Investing Quotes – Infographics

Parag Parikh’s Top Investing Quotes – Infographics

Mr Parag Parikh’s demise created a vacuum in the financial industry but he left treasure for knowledge for all of us to benefit. He was a firm believer in Alvin Toffler’s saying “Doing the right thing, rather than doing things right.” He was a keen observer, proponent and pioneer in the field of behavioral finance. You must have noticed that we keep saying…

Investing is Not a Number Game, it is a “MIND GAME”

…that’s because of him. Let’s read & learn from his quotes on investor behavior. 

This Infographics is our tribute to the Legend Mr Parag Parikh 

Parag Parikh Quotes

“Investment success comes from following the emotionally difficult path.” Parag Parikh


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