Ark wins Emerging Advisor Award 🙂

Arusha Jadhav – Mumbai

One of the best decisions I made regarding my finances was taking services from FundSketch. I have been with them for almost 2 yrs now and I am complete relived of uncertainty and growth of my investments. The wonderful thing about FundSketch is you have a plan crafted as per your goals. This gives u a clear picture of where are your finances today with reference to your goals and how is FundSketch gonna lead you through your goals. The team has a deep understanding of market and takes a realistic approach to analyse your goals, risk, projections and market trends to delivers what is been committed. The involvement of the team with you doesn’t end here. They regularly share with you latest trends, facts, economics, policies, budgets that impact market and in turn your finances. Moreover there are regular review calls to discuss your plan and track the progress on the set goal. Last but not the least the team is definitely pulling this up and creating some excellent results. Thank you Vikas and Hemant for making finance so stress free and easy for executives who understand big salary packages but don’t understand wealth creation.

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